Recycling Notice Reminder

Ridgewood Manor has provided a 21 gal. green recycling bin for you to take your personal recycled material to a nearby recycling facility. The recycling facilities are located at Cheswold Collection Station on Fork Branch Rd, and Pinetree Corners Rd. Transfer Station. The Green recycling bins are labeled “Property of Ridgewood Manor” with lot number.

Do not place green recycling bin out by the curb on trash day for dumping.

There is a recycling trailer located behind the mailboxes to put your recycled material in. Recycled material allowed in the trailer will be plastic bottles, brown / green / clear glass jars and bottles, aluminum and tin cans, news papers, phone books, and magazines only. All recycled material mentioned above must be cleaned and placed in a garbage bag and tied when put into the trailer. No shredded paper, No plastic grocery bags, No Styrofoam, No dryer sheets & lint, No cardboard, No junk mail, No aluminum foil, No oil, No paint, No batteries, No electronics, No carpet, No toys, No holiday decorations, No kitchen appliances, No pots & pans, and No yard waste. The recycling trailer will be emptied when full. All yard waste must be kept separate from household trash on Tuesday; household trash must not be mixed in with the yard waste. There is a yard waste ban enforced at all landfills in Delaware.